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I used to be a Systems Administrator. ISPs, IT, Ops, WebOps, DevOps... I used to write about system administration in the usual fashion on a blog. Now I manage software development teams. My linkedin is usually up to date, or check out my resume.


I grew up in a small town in the woods and keep relatively close to the earth as a matter of principle. This has also earned me a self-reliant streak. I am a useful person to have around and I volunteer my time to a slew of organizations. Thus, I can sometimes be found in unexpected places. Once a decade I write up some projects.

I lived in Seattle for six years. Beside building my career and meeting a lot of great people through technology, I got involved in bicycle and mass transit advocacy, and helped start an urban farming collective called Alleycat Acres. Building on my experience volunteering at the Common Ground Country Fair growing up, I got involved solving logistical issues for events like Shmoocon, Toor Camp, and Burning Man. I also volunteered as a disaster services responder and emergency radio operator for the American Red Cross.

After my father passed away, I moved back to my hometown of Surry, Maine to be near family. While continuing to do tech work remotely, I've settled back into rural life with my family and chicken-oriented chores. I've served on non-profit boards and committees for multiple organizations, including MOFGA and NEMOT. I volunteer as a firefighter and other roles for my local fire department. In fits and starts I add ratings to my private pilot certificate, tinker with tractors, and build mountain bike trails. I enjoy learning new skills and understanding how everythings works. This leads to hobbies and habits like solar panels, mini-excavators, and heat pumps.

My downtime is spent with my wife, daughters, and our families. Mostly trying to get my girls to ride bikes and play video games.

Social Networking

The internet used to know a lot about me. Apparently it does disappear eventually and I have to clean this list up every 5 years.


When I was younger I used to write in a public journal. It was a good outlet at the time. These days it just delineates chapters of my life.