I believe in love, but it don’t believe in me

Worst movie to watch when you’re tired and not quite sure that everything is alright? The Tracey Fragments. Critically acclaimed, Ellen Page is awesome, yada yada. I’m with you. This is Requiem for a Dream mixed with Memento staring Ellen Page with Across The Universe without the music. If you don’t want to know the entire plot, stop reading this post now.

Tori and I took a 20+ mile round trip canoe adventure today (with 3hp motor) from Martha Washington School Park (South of Seward Park) to West Montlake Park, where we stopped for snacks and gas. Last time I took the motor out, Anthony and I went from Georgetown to South Center on the Duwamish. I just can’t do anything the easy way apparently.

I’m exhausted. Mostly from running the motor, but I was up early because I crashed early last night due getting little sleep on Thursday because of the .83 9/11 Memorial Ride. I started painting the ’79 frame. The detail gun has too small of a pattern I think. I’m going to need to sand the frame a bit again to get the layers even and get a larger gun. I’ve had a ton on my mind, and have been discussing bits with a couple people.

My talk about loving KVM went pretty well at GSLUG today. Garrett Honeycutt gave a talk about Cobbler which was interesting. I’m glad to see more infrastructure people / configuration management people popping up. As a group we had some interesting debates towards the end of my talk which I enjoyed. Sort of reminded me of chatting with Adam Jacob. Andy played an antagonist role (although not so much intentionally I don’t think) and it was rad, except the group was probably too large. I like discussing shit with smart and experienced people as opposed to, well, what I normally get. ’nuff said.

So The Tracey Fragments. Here’s the story. You don’t get it this way until you watch the whole movie. It’s very artistic like that. Ellen’s character Tracey is a 15 year old girl who’s picked on and an outcast at school, emphasis on that she doesn’t have breasts. High school sucks. Her parents seem a little nuts and go with the “we love you” but don’t show it bit, and her psych is a nut. She’s got a thing for this guy at school and while playing with her brother near an icy river, he offers to take her somewhere. They have sex in his car, and he literally throws her out. She’s been fantasizing that it is incredible and romantic, but it’s far from it. She can’t find her brother except for his hat (likely drowned in the river, he thinks he’s a dog, she thinks she hypnotized him into one). Her teachers such, psych sucks, parents sucks, so she runs away. Meets an street dude that offers her shelter, turns out he’s working for a pimp who comes and beats him up for not making any money, see’s her and tries to rape her. She cuts his throat open with a tin can (like Vin Diesel, only with no badassness).

The artistic parts make it hard to stay engaged unless you’re that artistic type. The requiem parts upset me due to my empathy. I can’t not feel terrible for this girl, and I can’t not hate humanity at the end of it. Because it isn’t far fetched.

In thinking about relationships, where does one find people who’s primary personality traits are “caring, thoughtful, and adventurous”? I think I could work with that. It’s the “is it better to date someone with a similar personality or similar interests” question again though. Or the answer. Hitchhikers Guide style. Because the answer is (yes, a little of both) that similar personalities should breed similar interests. But wait, what’s the question?

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