five years


I’ve been looking for some medical record imagery from the motorcycle accident for an appointment tomorrow.

I stumbled across some photos/movies from a bit of trolling in 2003, before I really was any good at trolling. I had to share them with the subject so I looked her up on facebook and we got lost commenting on everything that happens over the years.

AIM logs from the same era. I’ve got to go back and read more. There’s so much here about what I was like 10-15 years ago.

Even some papers I wrote junior year of high school before I dropped out.

2011: Dad died. Motorcycle trip to Alaska + Bush flying. Last year I worked at Burning Man. Came home.
2012: Kate. Miscarriage. Married Kate. Joined Fire Department.
2013: Fire Academy. Darius born. Finally got my Private Pilot certificate.
2014: Added Helicopter + Float Plane ratings.
2015: Peak volunteering. Maren born.


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