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Condolence From: Steve McKnight
Condolence: We called them the disciples. They were the ones that flew planes before many of us were born. The 402’s and 99’s we though of as antiques, they had mastered years before. Just walking into a room they seemed larger than life to us newly minted first officers. When I was hired Barry commanded the number 6 slot on the seniority list. He was hired just months before I set foot on this earth. Some 23 years later in July of 97 I was assigned to fly as his copilot for the month. Of course I was all excited and brimming with joy at my new found employment. He took my exuberance in stride. On many days I’m sure he would have been just as happy to gaze out the window and view the coast of Maine down into Boston or enjoy the low level approach from Glen Cove, Throgs neck, tower cab, north tip and Hudson southbound to the lady. (if you’re snickering you remember this as well). Instead, and in his own way, he mentored young aviators like myself. He taught us to embrace the good because you never knew when it was going to get bad. He taught us that sometimes more can be said in silence than lengthy conversations. I never felt like he was trying to teach yet he was willing his knowledge on us just the same. As time goes by and I see new aviators coming on the line I often think of Barry and wonder if anyone will ever look at me with the same respect and awe that many of us had for Barry and his peers. I can only hope he knew how much we learned from him, had respect for him and wanted to be like him. God Speed Captain. You will be missed.
Monday March 21, 2011

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